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Photo of Tonya Cross, Strategypreneur Coach

Hi, I'm Tonya an online marketing coach. Let's Start Converting Your Followers Into Customers!

Consider me your new business bestie and partner in success! I’m passionate about helping fellow women entrepreneurs develop marketing plans. Whether you’re a business newbie or seasoned veteran, I’m excited that you’re here.

Products & Services

My Products & Services 

Below are the services and products I offer to help you reach your marketing goals! 

Strategypreneur™ Planner

My planner, An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Success in 90 Days, includes the following: 

  • Digital fillable planner you can easily download

  • Create, implement, and evaluate your business strategy all within 90 days

  • Weekly easy doable tasks so you won’t feel overwhelmed

  • Planner that keeps on giving; reuse for different projects

Strategypreneur™ Courses

I'm passionate about helping fellow women entrepreneurs convert followers into customers. 

  • Work at your own pace

  • No fluff. Courses contain applicable steps you can immediately start implementing

  • Pre-work available with each course to help you optimize your time

1-on-1 Consults

I'll help you discover how to optimize digital marketing for your brand, business, or organization. What you can expect: 

  • Pre-call Intake form to optimize our time together

  • 30-60 minute Zoom call that is recorded so you can download and re-listen later

  • Accountability: I will follow up to ensure you've taken the action step(s) discussed during our call. 


What My Clients Had to Say
About my Services and Products

Valuable Content

"I purchased the 90-Day Planner and it is amazing. I have the perfect tool to help me, not only with my business, but with my health, fitness, and mindset.

Millissa Jayne

MJ Talk Show Host

Flexible. Available. Responsive.

"Tonya helped me clarify my thoughts and identify actionable steps to get started with my project. I would highly recommend Tonya as a business marketing coach. 

Vanezza Laude Owner

A Champion

"When I felt completely exposed and vulnerable, Tonya came in and helped me put the pieces together. Through her coaching, she inspired me to flip things upside down in order to set them on the right course..."

Toronda Daniels

Travel Agent 

Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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