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Media Hub

Over the years, this Strategyprenuer has created A LOT of media. From YouTube videos, social media, and authored books, to podcasts and other media features, this page shares where you can find the media I've produced or been featured in. 

Video Tutorials

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Authored Books

I'm a contributing author to Affirmations for a Woman on a Mission Journal. In my journal section, I share how to halt procrastination and get things done! My hopes is that readers will be encouraged, uplifted, and inspired.

I’m a contributing author for Amazon Bestseller Our Stories His Glory book compilation. My chapter title is “Choose Life” and I share how my journey of self-love and forgiveness leads to a life of abundance. My hopes is that readers glean from my experiences and learn how they too can live more abundantly.

The purpose of this twelve-week digital workbook is to activate the principle of stewardship and start living your abundant life! The workbook is divided into four sections: Foundation, Body, Money, and Resources. Each section consists of three weekly lessons that demonstrates how the concept of stewardship can be applied to these areas. 

Online Shops

Our Etsy Shop is your one-stop-shop for Strategypreneur merchandise and marketing products. 

All of my products can be found here. From Strategypreneur planners and courses to my authored books, if I'm selling it, you will find it here. 

Accented Glory is my handcrafted jewelry and accessory design business. Shop natural hair accessories and afro-centric jewelry designed by yours truly. 

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